Our Vision

Corridors  aims to foster dialogue and cooperation between societies affected by protracted conflicts in the post-Soviet space and beyond. We develop and implement projects that enhance knowledge transfer and create new opportunities for direct people-to-people contact across the conflict divide. Together with local partners develops joint learning opportunities in the field of formal and informal peace education. Therefore, joint education and academic cooperation are used as tools to revitalise exchange and cooperation between conflicting sides. 


Bringing about positive change in protracted conflicts is a long-term process which needs new and skilled agents of change. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to empower youth on all sides of the divide and to facilitate knowledge transfer between different conflict-affected societies and beyond. Through joint education and capacity building, Corridors aims to empower new agents of change and to provide them with a safe space for exchange. The resulting networks of young experts make the platform an innovation hub, that can ultimately contribute to the strengthening of dialogue and cooperation beyond the conflict divide. We believe that practical cooperation can build new working and trusting relations, strengthen the foundation for peaceful development, and encourage new positive dynamics.  

Our Objectives

Conceptual Framework

Corridors is set up as a cross-regional and intersectoral framework and innovatively combines problem-finding dialogue with interest driven cooperation over the divide. The cross-regional framework creates a safe space to explore new opportunities which bypass the structural and political barriers for dialogue and cooperation identified by the actors themselves, in a way that addresses the specific circumstances in each protracted conflict and their commonalities.


Corridors functions as a creative hub to facilitate joint learning, new ideas and social innovation which benefits from the diversity of the dialogue group. We aim to enable new thinking outside the box, develop creative ideas and outline ambitious visions for positive change. Trough joint ideation, the participants may explore new ideas and concrete visions for mutual challenges and needs identified within the problem-finding dialogue. Subsequently, Corridors strives to facilitate interest driven cooperation between stakeholders from different conflict-affected regions. The experiences of practical cooperation over the divide can build lasting working relations between communities in conflict and beyond, improve living conditions for the people  affected and enable a positive dynamic. Consequently, Corridors dynamically combines problem-finding dialogue, joint ideation and interest-driven cooperation over the divide 

Cross-regional Corridors for Dialogue through Cooperation

The corridor metaphor is used to strengthen the idea of multi-actor, multi-level processes that focus on problem-finding dialogue and interest-driven cooperation. Corridors is an open and dynamic process that connects actors from particular thematic spaces on different levels and in cross-regional frameworks. The corridor is a metaphor as it has multiple doors for future cooperation to be opened and closed according to local needs. Such cooperation can be multilateral, including the whole project region, or with a narrow regional focus depending on the scope and focus of the project. Therefore, our corridors is designed in a dynamic instead of rigid way, which allows the participants to switch between different frameworks. The corridor provides an additional space for exchange and flexible way to bypass structural and political barriers for dialogue in protracted conflicts.