What we do

Corridors contributes to peacebuilding in the South Caucasus and Eastern Europe by tackling root causes of conflict. We support people from the grassroots to the policy level and build mutual understanding through dialogue over the divide.

Our approach

Corridors develops and implements participatory and holistic peace education and capacity building processes. We support the deconstruction of enemy images and build positive relations through joint learning and interest-driven cooperation.   

Why our work matters

Transforming protracted conflicts cannot take place without the meaningful inclusions of diverse actors. Empowering and connecting these people to become agents of change, overcome their trauma, and prepare their societies for peace is key. 

Areas of expertise

Dialogue and Cooperation

Peace Education

Peace and Conflict Research

Trauma Informed Peacebuilding 

Consulting Services

Latest News

How might cultural exchange support the Turkish-Armenian normalization process?

Normalizing relations between Turkey and Armenia will take effort, and in her article summarised in this blog, Seda Shekoyan argues, it may also take art. Explaining her experience with the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Shekoyan is hopeful for longer-term cultural projects in the conflict space. Read the article here

Why is it necessary to address trauma in peace policies and peacebuilding?

Our first blog post - the summary of Paata Alaverdashvili's article: "Addressing Trauma in Georgian Peace Policy: Gaps, Challenges, and Best Practices."

In his article, Paata covers the development of certain traumas in the Georgian context, explains how they influence peace processes, and advocates for psycho-social support in peacebuilding policies. Read the article here