What we do

Corridors contributes to peacebuilding in the South Caucasus and Eastern Europe by tackling root causes of conflict. We support people from the grassroots to the policy level and build mutual understanding through dialogue over the divide.

Our approach

Corridors develops and implements participatory and holistic peace education and capacity building processes. We support the deconstruction of enemy images and build positive relations through joint learning and interest-driven cooperation.   

Why our work matters

Transforming protracted conflicts cannot take place without the meaningful inclusions of diverse actors. Empowering and connecting these people to become agents of change, overcome their trauma, and prepare their societies for peace is key. 

Areas of expertise

Dialogue and Cooperation

Peace Education

Peace and Conflict Research

Trauma Informed Peacebuilding 

Consulting Services

Latest News

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: "Theatre of the Oppressed in the Context of Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation"

We are excited to invite young people from Armenia, Georgia, and Germany, who are connected to any type of community work, #peacebuilding, and interested people in peace education/conflict transformation and #theatre of the oppressed. 


The workshops will take place in Armenia on September 18-22 and in Georgia on September 25-29. During the workshops, we will use methods of the theatre of the #oppressed such as image theatre, #newspaper theatre, and forum theatre to analyse and reflect on #conflict from individual, collective, and global perspectives.
The deadline for applications is August 3, 2023.

Apply here.

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Blog article: How can Youth Driving Social and Political Changes in Abkhazia?

In her article in Corridors Proceedings Vol. III titled, “Youth As a Driving Force in Social and Political Changes in Abkhazia” (103-111), Valeriya Arshaba outlines the obstacles Abkhazian youth face when it comes to actively participating in public life, how they currently identify themselves in public and civic spheres, and what concrete step could help them become more involved in their society. Her findings, informed by interviews with peers, will help peacebuilders learn the vital importance of youth education in regions influenced by conflict, like Abkhazia. 

Read the article here.

call for participants: "strengthening peace education capacities in the caucasus" corridors summer school

We invite students and recent graduates from the South Caucasus, including conflict-affected regions, as well as France and Germany to participate in our summer school on "Strengthening Peace Education Capacities in the Caucasus." 

The workshops will take place in Blossin, Germany, on August 14-19. This year’s session will introduce participants to the fundamentals of peacebuilding, with a particular emphasis on community approaches and aspects of cultural sensitivity. We will continue our well-established formula and train our guests on core competencies in conflict analysis, dialogue, and peace intervention.

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