Corridors is an initiative developed in 2016 at the Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS) in Regensburg (Germany), that aims to foster dialogue and cooperation between societies affected by protracted conflicts in the post-Soviet space and beyond. We develop and implement projects that enhance knowledge transfer and create new opportunities for direct people-to-people contact across the conflict divide. In a cross-regional framework, we strive to facilitate cooperation between academic and civil society stakeholders to revitalise dialogue between communities. Corridors aims to enhance awareness and understanding of the context and dynamics around protracted conflicts in specific regions and on an international level. Corridors is designed using a cross-thematic approach, combining cooperation in the field of higher education with dialogue activities in an innovative way.

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Apply Now: Corridors Fellowship 2018

The Corridors Fellowship offers young and established scholars from conflict-affected societies the possibility for a research stay at the Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS) in Regensburg (Germany). Corridors Fellows work within the IOS research group on “Frozen and Unfrozen Conflicts”. The fellowships aim to reduce isolation through academic exchange and to deepen cooperation and knowledge exchange between scholars from the South Caucasus, Eastern Europe and Germany. The Corridors Fellowships have a duration of one month and are fully funded. Application deadline is May 1, 2018. 

Out Now: Corridors Proceedings Vol I

The Corridors Proceedings is an online open-access and print publication that consists of the papers developed by the participants and facilitators of this year’s Corridors activities. The Corridors Proceedings Vol. I "Obstacles and Opportunities for Dialogue and Cooperation in Protracted Conflicts" (ISBN 978-3-945232-01-9 ) provides the reader with first-hand research from young scholars and established researchers and practitioners.     

Corridors_Proceedings_Vol I_online.pdf
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Out Now: Corridors Booklet

This publication presents the key results of our 2017 project “Dialogue through Cooperation” funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in the framework of the East-West dialogue. The booklet summarizes our recent activities, outlines the main conceptual framework and explains the overall objectives of Corridors. We thank the DAAD for their previous and ongoing support.


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