Corridors is an initiative founded 2016 at the Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS) Regensburg that aims to foster "Dialogue through Cooperation" between societies affected by protracted conflicts in the post-Soviet space. We develop and implement projects that enhance knowledge transfer and create new opportunities for direct people-to-people contact over the divide. In a cross-regional framework we intent to facilitate cooperation between academic and civil society stakeholders to revitalize dialogue between communities. Corridors aims to enhance knowledge and understanding about the context and dynamics around protracted conflicts in the regions and on international level.

Latest News

Corridors Workshop 2017

Call for Participants: The Corridors Young Researchers Workshop strives to deepen our understanding of the complex conflict structures, dynamics and interdependencies to explore the Obstacles and Opportunities for Dialogue and Cooperation in post-Soviet Protracted Conflicts. The workshop, September 3-9 2017 in Spindelhof (Germany), is open for up to 18 graduates, PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers. Application deadline is June 30.  

Corridors Fellowship 2017

Call for two research fellowships at IOS Regensburg in 2017. The Corridors Fellowships have a duration of one month and are fully funded. The application deadline is 30 April. 

Pilot-Project 2016

Report on our Pilot-Project "Dialogue beyond Conflict Lines" out now. The Project used Design Thinking to develop new ideas for dialogue and cooperation in a cross-regional setting. 

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