Corridors is an initiative that aims to foster dialogue and cooperation between societies from Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and the European Union. Together with local partners, we develop joint learning and capacity-building opportunities in the field of formal and informal peace education. A specific focus and key competence of Corridors is the facilitation of cross-regional dialogue and cooperation around protracted conflicts in the post-Soviet space and beyond. We develop and implement projects that enhance knowledge transfer and create new opportunities for direct people-to-people contact across the conflict divide. Therefore, joint education and academic cooperation are used as tools to revitalise exchange and cooperation between conflicting sides. In a cross-regional framework, we strive to facilitate cooperation between academic and civil society stakeholders to revitalise dialogue between communities. Corridors aims to enhance awareness and understanding of the context and dynamics around protracted conflicts in specific regions and on an international level. Corridors is designed using a cross-thematic approach, linking capacity building and cooperation in the field of formal and non-formal education with dialogue activities in an innovative way.

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Project:  Advancing Young Scholars and Peacebuilders Careers 2022


Our successful project for young scientists, analysts, peacebuilders and community activists is entering its third round. This year the project is dedicated to  "Analysing and Addressing Vulnerabilities in the Caucasus" and consists of (1) a one-week workshop in Georgia; (2) mentoring and writing support for academic and analytical papers; (3) the joint print and online publication "Corridors-Proceedings Vol. IV" with selected papers of the participants; and (4) mini-grants to support pilot community peacebuilding projects by the participants. 


Find more information in the call attached and send your application consisting of a letter of motivation, curriculum vitae, and abstract/project idea to no later than 10 July 2022 and with the email subject “AYPC 2022”. 


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Out now: Corridors Proceedings Vol. III "Perspectives on Peacebuilding from the Caucasus in Times of Great Uncertainty"

The year 2021 was incredibly turbulent for the Caucasus and peacebuilding initiatives working there. Despite the challenging circumstances, Corridors successfully implemented the project ‘Advancing Young Peacebuilder Careers II’ in cooperation with our regional partners Centre for Humanitarian Programs (Sukhum/i), Youth and Community Action Club (Samakhbyur), and Civic IDEA (Tbilisi). 


The project aims to build young peace actors’ capacities and create new prospects for internationalization and professionalization. Moreover, the project aims to advance the understanding of protracted conflicts, facilitate research on related aspects, and strengthen local research capacities and networking in peace and conflict. For this purpose, we organized three workshops in 2021 with young scholars, activists, and experts from Abkhazia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Nagorno-Karabakh, and Russia. There, participants received trainings on developing research designs, scientific writing skills, and civic awareness-raising by international and local experts and scholars. 


Finally, the participants also focused on developing their own research articles or policy and opinion papers, applying the learned skills and knowledge. The Corridors Proceedings Vol. III presents the selected results of these research and writing processes and contributes the exchange of knowledge both within the region and internationally. It provides the reader with first-hand insights, analysis, and opinions from young scholars and peacebuilders from the Caucasus region. 


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