Peace Education

Peace education is an interdisciplinary approach that aims to empower individuals and communities to create a more peaceful world. It promotes critical thinking,  values, attitudes, and behaviors that are supportive of peace, tolerance, and non-violence. Peace education plays a crucial role in conflict resolution by preparing individuals and communities to participate in peacebuilding initiatives, promoting peace and non-violence, and challenging the root causes of conflict and violence.


At Corridors we develop holistic and innovative peace education processes for youth from conflict-affected areas in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. We integrate formal and informal approaches, develop them further in a context-specific and conflict-sensitive way, and focus on dialogue as a core element. Our peace education processes aim to empower youth and young adults to take ownership and contribute to peacebuilding processes within and between their communities.

Peace Education Workshops

To strengthen local competencies and interest in peace education, we regular conduct introductory workshops on peacebuilding and conflict studies in Georgia/Abkhazia and Armenia. These workshops usually last three days, give a broad overview of the topic, and act as entry points to our advanced trainings. 


Currently, we are implementing the project "Peace Education Corridors for Youth", connecting the whole South Caucasus. Since 2021, the project has established a common educational process with parallel introductory workshops in Georgia/Abkhazia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and subsequent joint online and offline trainings.

Peacebuilding Summer Schools

Since 2017, we've organised an annual Corridors Summer School in cooperation with Jena University  for students and recent graduates from Georgia/Abkhazia, Armenia/Nagorno Karabakh/Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Russia, and Germany. The Summer School is the result of a long-lasting cooperation between educational stakeholders, developed through our education dialogue process. 


The Summer School aims to strengthen youth capacities in peacebuilding, conflict analysis, and inner peace. Moreover, it provides a safe space for joint learning, knowledge exchange, and dialogue. With a focus on interactive methods and group activities, we facilitate the development of positive relations over the divides.