Peace and Conflict Research

Peace and conflict studies is an interdisciplinary field that draws on insights from disciplines such as political science, international relations, sociology, and psychology. It explores the causes of conflict, as well as strategies for preventing, transforming and resolving violent conflicts. The study of peace and conflict is important for peacebuilding because it provides a framework for understanding and addressing the root causes of conflict, and to design effective interventions and programs aimed at reducing conflict and promoting peace.


Corridors aims to strengthen local capacities in peace and conflict studies in the South Caucasus and Eastern Europe. We support young scholars and peace practitioners in developing their skills and making their work visible in regional and international discourses. We create spaces for regional exchange and scientific cooperation, and thereby promote dialogue. Additionally, our activities and publications contribute to a nuanced and comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in protracted conflicts. 


Supporting young researchers and experts is one of the central concerns of our work in the field of peace and conflict research. This includes both training in scientific methodology and academic-analytical writing, as well as dialogue and networking for a new generation of experts.


Since 2020, the Advancing Young Scholars and Peacebuilders Careers project has supported more than 60 promising experts from the whole Caucasus region with workshops, mentoring, and training, and facilitated dialogue and networking among them. 



Our fellowship program facilitates dialogue, knowledge exchange and capacity building. It strives to deepen practical cooperation between scholars and peace practitioners from the South Caucasus, Eastern Europe, and Germany and to support research with practical relevance. 


The Corridors Fellowship offers scholars and practitioners the opportunity for a research stay at German Universities, Research Institutes, and NGOs. Since 2017, we have been able to support a dozen experts from Georgia/Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Ukraine.


It is often difficult for young experts to be heard in academic and expert discourses and to contribute to their development with fresh impulses. Our publications aim to diversify discourses and strengthen young and marginalised voices in the local and international knowledge exchange. 


The Corridors Proceedings is an open-access publication series that consists of the articles developed by our training participants and fellows. The edited volumes facilitate knowledge exchange and feature first-hand research and expertise from young experts.