Our new guideline: "Guidelines for Trauma Sensitivity in Peacebuilding and Community Work," is now available in English and Armenian languages. The guideline emphasizes the critical role of safety, understanding the nature of trauma, and the specific challenges within the Armenian and Georgian contexts. It provides practical recommendations for trauma-sensitive work, aiming to equip peacebuilding organizations, NGOs, and CSOs with the knowledge to implement the "do no harm" principle effectively. 


In English:
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In Armenian:
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Corridors Proceedings


The Corridors Proceedings are an open-access publication series that consists of the articles developed by our training participants and fellows. The edited volumes facilitate knowledge exchange and feature first-hand research and expertise from young experts. In this way, the edited volumes contribute to the exchange of knowledge between regions affected by protracted conflicts, and to raising awareness in international discourses.

NEW release: VOL. IV


We are thrilled to announce the release of Corridors Proceedings Vol. IV: Maneuvering Increased Vulnerability and Polarization in the Caucasus. This publication is a testament to the dedication and expertise of young civil society actors and researchers from across the Caucasus region, diversifying conflict-related discourses and amplifying the voices of marginalized groups.



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Vol. III

Corridors_Proceedings_Vol III.pdf
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Vol. II

Corridors_Proceedings_Vol II.pdf
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Vol. I

Corridors_Proceedings_Vol I.pdf
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