Dialogue and Peacebuilding

At Corridors, we operate in a cross-regional and intersectoral framework. Our dialogue approach combines problem-finding dialogue with interest driven cooperation over the divides. With this approach, we build safe spaces in heavily polarized conflicts and facilitate meaningful, diverse, and impactful dialogues. Above all, we follow a human centric approach to support individual actors to develop their human and professional potential to contribute to peacebuilding processes. 

Peace Education

At Corridors we develop holistic and innovative peace education processes for youth from conflict affected areas in Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus. We integrate formal and informal approaches, develop them further in a context-specific and conflict-sensitive way, and focus on dialogue as a core element. Our peace education processes, aim to empower youth and young adults to take ownership and contribute to peacebuilding processes within and between their communities.

Peace and Conflict Research


At Corridors, we aim to strenghten local capacities in peace and conflict studies in the South Caucasus and Eastern Europe. We support young scholars and peace practicioners in developing their skills and making their work visible in regional and international discourses. We create spaces for regional exchange and scientific cooperation and thereby promote dialogue. In addition, our activities and publications contribute to a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in protracted conflicts.

Trauma Informed Peacebuilding

At Corridors, we are aiming to further bridge the fields of peacebuilding and mental health to develop holisitc and trauma-sensitive approaches. We are convinced, that improving trauma literacy and mental wellbeing is essential for effective, inclusive, and suistainable peacebuilding in the South Caucasus and Eastern Europe. By raising awarness, increasing trauma-literacy, and strenghtening mental health competencies, we can contribute to more resilient and peaceful communities that are better equipped to navigate the challenges of conflict and adversity.

Consulting Services

Corridors programmes are based on the pillars of research-led innovation, inclusive stakeholder evaluations of best practice, and fast experience in operating impactful in challenging and diverse contexts. This knowledge and expertise is not only used in our own work, but we also advise international actors in the fields of peacebuilding and dialogue, development, and foreign policy. With our team and associates, we can draw on a broad expertise and extensive experience in various peacebuilding sectors.