About the Blog

Why do we start the Blog?

A key challenge to the peaceful and prosperous development in the South Caucasus and Eastern Europe is the lack of exchange between the societies. Moreover, internal debates on societal development and peace and conflict related issues are limited and polarised.


What is the purpose of the Blog?

The Corridors Blog is meant to serve as a forum for intra- and inter-societal exchange. It aims to promote peace-focused authors from the Caucasus and Eastern Europe in order to advance holistic understandings of peace and conflict, facilitate cross-regional exchange, and help tackle “enemy images” across borders. We encourage authentic authorship, and do not require an entirely academic or journalistic approach, but rather one that emphasizes perspective and experience.


We hope you enjoy reading from our authors as they share their research, interviews, and learning from all corners of the region. In this way, we hope that the Corridors Blog contributes to the exchange of knowledge and provides a great resource for nuanced and diverse information.


How can you engage?

We invite you to comment on the contributions and discuss them with each other. In order to ensure a constructive and friendly exchange, please observe the customs of polite interpersonal behaviour and follow our social media standards. 


In accordance with Corridors as of February 2023, our publishing, social media, and other online content is produced and edited in alignment with the following standards:

  • Corridors does not condone hate speech, prejudice, racism, or content that supports aggression and or violence.
  • Avoid generalizations, and belittling or offensive language.
  • Confirm, cite, and reference sources when posting information presented as fact rather than opinion.

If you want to contribute to the blog, please contact route@opencorridors.de.