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Blog Posts · 14. July 2023
Whether it’s Instagram, TikTok, Threads, Twitter, it’s clear that social media is influencing our daily lives increasingly. The question is - how does social media change processes of peace building? Is social media significantly influencing peace building processes through amplifying particular voices, collecting or changing the way people see the world? On social media, particularly Facebook, there is a loud pattern of anti-occupation rhetoric among users from Georgia concerning the...
Blog Posts · 09. June 2023
This blog post explores Valeriya Arshaba's article on social and political change in Abkhazia, and specifically, how youth can overcome barriers to influence and shape those changes.
Blog Posts · 08. May 2023
In this blog post, Aynura Babyeva investigates the narratives surrounding displacement, home, and belonging in Azerbaijan. In research garnered through a series of interviews, Aynura presents the complicated story of how some women in Azerbaijan experience displacement.
Blog Posts · 07. April 2023
Diana Mlhamyan is a historian who works at the Restart Foundation for Science and Education as a Youth Project Coordinator in Armenia. She is interested in politics and works to foster youth inclusion in local policy making processes. In 2022, Diana has participated in our workshop called “Peace Education for Youth,” as well as the “Advancing Young Scholars and Peacebuilders Careers” project, in the scope of which she has implemented a local project in Armenia called “Youth on...
Blog Posts · 06. March 2023
Normalizing relations between Turkey and Armenia will take effort, and in her article summarized in this blog, Seda Shekoyan argues it may also take art. Explaining her experience with the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Shekoyan is hopeful for longer-term cultural projects in the conflict space.
Blog Posts · 01. March 2023
Why is it necessary to address trauma in peace policies and peacebuilding?
This blog summary of Paata Alaverdashvili’s article “Addressing Trauma In Georgian Peace Policy: Gaps, Challenges, And Best Practices''. Paata covers the development of certain traumas in the Georgian context, explains how they influence peace processes, and advocates for psycho-social support in peacebuilding policies.